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released April 10, 2009


Thanks to Jesus, Brittney Harold, Justin and Jennifer Harold, Peter and Jenna Moe, Eleanor Honningfort, The Nelons, The Zosels, The McKinstry clan, Alex Alexander, Aaron Dishner, Walker Beckman, Patrick Tetreautt, Bill Jolliff, Josh Price, Reedwood Friends, Dea Cox, Sarah Anderson, Ian Heimbegner, people of the gully house, Melody and the Brooks Family, Bryan, Carl and Elaine De Ceasar, Monty and Lori, Rachael, Dan and Melissa, Aubree, and X Carroll, Robot, Joseph!, Cristobal, The Nielson boys, J Bones and the fan, Mom and Pop, Dawn, Marilee, Barak & Sonja Clement, Bud Newcomb and Ellen Rose Martin, Ross and Wendy, Emily Bax, Adam Owings, Greg Melissa, Marty and Sophia Stiles, Samson and anyone else living for others.

Botanist is Grant Harold, Nathan De Ceasar, David Carroll and Graham Clement

All songs written by Grant Harold

Produced and engineered by Patrick Tetreaut (w/ Joseph Nicodemus) @ Ripcord Studios

Additional Vocals by Patrick, Joseph and Brittney Harold

Clap Support on Track 1 by Justin and Jennifer Harold

Forearm workout on Track 8 by Patrick

Mixed and Mastered by Tim Denny

Album Illustration and Layout by Robert Perez and David

©2009 Botanist



all rights reserved


Botanist Portland, Oregon

The band Botanist formed in 2009 and are currently just as awesome.

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Track Name: Cave
Under the grove of sycamore
Untie the knots and take me in
Until the king’s men take me home
I love you
I would have opened up the door
If I’d have known you’d been right here
Gone through the pouring wind and rain cause
I love you
Open the cave where gold and silver have laid
And bring me down to the ground where my lover is found
There’s someone up there
Looking out for you all these years
Track Name: Rifles Shoot Hearts
These rifles shoot hearts
Their bullets are red
A valentines card to the love-dead

And in the prologue they’re floating in air
Yeah when they expire

This square with eight sides is heavy at best
A bird with a leaf to the peaceless

Bands of olive branches are wired
Microphones and cameras and writers
Track Name: Fluorescent Microwave
You know
I’d rather have a dog
Than walk a fish alone
But first I’d need a yard

You know
I’d rather paint it orange
Than psychiatric white
But first I’d need a wall

Sit under florescent light and eat the dish I microwaved for you
Can you hear the neighbors favorite song

The sound of the construction workers
The sound of a dispute on the sidewalk
There’s no place I’d rather be than here with you
Track Name: Love to Last
And so you want your love to last
Then hold on close to what you have
For what else is the love you need
Than to give more and plant a seed
And someday we’ll hurry into the tree eternal
We’ll hold up our hands and say forget the hurt forget the pain
And so you want to feel secure
Then turn the key
Open the door
And soon you’ll learn that all it took
Was one page in an endless book
Track Name: Cedars
I feel you in the air when I awake
You’re clear as the morning light
I hear you speak the words
They’re fragrant as the cedars of Lebanon
Set me upon a seal
And many waters will never quench my love
Your as a blazing fire
A mighty flame that’s building inside my heart
Hold me inside your hand you dove of peace and carry an olive branch
Lead me into the land within the bounds of your everlasting love
Track Name: Root
Were you taken below
Flailing when your own arms are bound
Blackened water and rotten fear
You can’t see
Was it the dark crystal fad
There is no hope that can be found
Turn your ears to the sky and you’ll hear the king
Come back my son
Track Name: Interlude
We are the children
Pick up the pieces
Track Name: Motor
This is a building over a mountain
They say it’s moving on top of the world
I am a shelter fed by the morning
I am a builder just like the one who built me

I am a motor
Pulsating metal
They say I’ll break down
I’ve got a secret for them

The buckets pouring and colors bending
The sun is shining
Thick pillows in the sky
You are the moment
The chime of a box
You are the pressure that fills my drying lantern

You are the movement
Push back the waters
One word with your voice and all the saints go marching
Track Name: Wander
Let’s take a drive along country road
Leave all the maps in the closet
Where we’re going stars will guide us were not lost we love to wander
Let’s take a walk under moonlight skies
Leave all worries in the backyard
Where we’re going paths will guide us uerenotlost we love to wander
Let’s take a drift out to ocean shores
Leave the city and stay for the night
Where we’re going winds will guide us
We’re not lost we love to wander
Where we go we’ll travel lightly
Leave our bags and bread behind us